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Our Hospice

The Bridge Hospice is a small rural residential hospice in Warkworth, Ontario.  Serving Northumberland County and greater region, our home offers a tranquil, intimate setting where people in their final days receive exceptional care and support.  Each of our three residents has a private room and the reassurance of someone near bedside at all times.

There is no charge for our services.

We understand how caring for a loved one who is terminally ill can be very difficult, especially as end of life nears. Around-the-clock physical and emotional needs increase, just as caregivers feel they are running on empty.  This is where The Bridge Hospice can help. 


We offer a tranquil, intimate home away from home where people nearing end of life and their families receive exceptional care, guidance and support from professional care providers and compassionate volunteers.


Under the direction of local palliative physicians and nurse practitioners, compassionate care is provided onsite 24/7 by Saint Elizabeth nurses and personal support workers – assisted by our extraordinary volunteers.  


The Bridge Hospice offers everyone the comforts of home so that loved ones can make the most of precious time together.



A dedicated team of hospice palliative care physicians, nurses, personal support workers (PSWs) and volunteers provide resident care around the clock.

Upon admission. The Bridge Hospice will assume full responsibility for the safe storage, handling and disposal of medications in accordance with current legislation and hospice policy.

Our qualified team of nurses and PSWs are fully responsible for the administration of medications. 

We have three uniquely decorated, private rooms designed to help everyone feel the comforts of home. Each room has a memory box for family photos, a small fridge for drinks and snacks, access to a deck, and a cozy sleeper sofa that opens into a twin bed for family members who want to stay with their loved one.

All linens (bedding, towels, etc.) are provided for resident and family use. Family are welcome to bring a favourite blanket or quilt for their loved one to use.

Residents and their families/friends have access to our phone and Wi-Fi internet services at no cost.

Our home has a fully functional kitchen available for family use.

Generally speaking, our residents are not able to safely manage eating full meals when they come to us. Our staff offer appropriate soft foods (e.g., puddings, soup, yogurt, applesauce) in accordance with resident wishes.

Family are encouraged to bring and prepare any favorite foods for their loved ones. Our staff are happy to assist in determining which foods are safe and manageable and provide support with feeding.

Our kitchen, dining room, living room and family room with library are all designed to help put family and friends at ease. We encourage everyone to make themselves at home, and to use out shared spaces. We also have a shower on the lower level for family members who stay overnight and would like to refresh in the morning.


Families and friends are welcome at any hour. When a visit is planned for a large group, it is helpful for hospice staff to be informed ahead of time.

The Bridge Hospice reserves the right to refuse entrance to and/or remove visitors from the hospice at any time to protect the safety and comfort of our residents. 

We have a generous supply of toys, books, puzzles, games and DVDs for children. Our play area is designed to give children the opportunity to “just be kids” in spite of the difficult circumstances they are going through. Because the play area is located on the lower level, we do ask that children be supervised at all times.


The Bridge Hospice recognizes the significant bond between people and their pets. As such, we are happy to arrange visiting privileges for family pets.

To ensure safety and to avoid disruption for other residents, we ask that pets remain under close supervision and be kept within the resident’s room when visiting. We ask that family ensure pets are appropriately cared for (e.g., food, water, toileting) and that they remain fully responsible for cleaning up after their pets.