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A photo of The Bridge Hospice, 137 Old Hastings Road, Warkworth, Ontario by Mary Weilandt

The Bridge Hospice – Photo by Mary Weilandt
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The board, staff and volunteers of The Bridge Hospice are dedicated to providing a loving, safe and supportive environment for our neighbours and friends who have arrived at the end of their life’s journey.

Our hospice offers a warm home-like atmosphere where family and friends can spend the last days of a loved one’s life supported by an interdisciplinary team of staff, volunteers and medical professionals trained in end-of-life care.

With the support of our hospice team, family members are relieved of the demands of physical care and can focus on the spiritual and emotional needs of the dying person. To bring to them the best of care – emotional, physical and spiritual – at a time of anxiety and significant personal and family stress is both a gift and a responsibility.

Inside The Bridge Hospice

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