Annual Reports


JUNE 18, 2019

In a time of transition for Ontario’s healthcare infrastructure, The Bridge Hospice continues on its steady course of meeting ever-growing demand for end-of-life care, working to promote the value and uniqueness of rural needs, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and touching the lives of many with special care and compassion at a most difficult time.


JUNE 13, 2018

Celebrating 5 years of service and recognizing the ongoing efforts of our incredible team of volunteers!


JUNE 9, 2016

Occupancy soars as The Bridge Hospice shows ingenuity and foresight in provision of rural residential hospice service.

WARKWORTH – At its annual general meeting on June 9, The Bridge Hospice board of directors, membership, staff and volunteers gathered to reflect on a dynamic year of growth, change, and strategic planning.

Jill Hutcheon, board chair, opened her remarks with an update on the innovative agreement with Saint Elizabeth Community Enterprise that launched in September 2015. Thanks to the five-year partnership, healthcare professionals are at the hospice at all times, assisted by hospice volunteers. The transition to the new care model was described as smooth, with healthcare staff and volunteers working together to provide outstanding care and comfort to residents and their families.


JUNE 11, 2015

Chair’s report to the annual general meeting of The Bridge Hospice.

Good evening. On behalf of the board of directors of The Bridge Hospice, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to our annual meeting. In past years as chair I have had the opportunity to share with you many of the successes and milestones that have occurred in the life of the Bridge, and this year is no different.

There is exciting news tonight.

Before I move on, I’d like to review why The Bridge Hospice is here. Given our aging population, the need for palliative care is significant. Only 3 percent of people die suddenly – the rest could use palliative care. Thirty percent have a cancer diagnosis and the remaining 70 percent die of a range of other illnesses. Most people want to die at home, but in the final weeks this often changes as symptom management, the need for increased care, and caregiver relief become evident. Residential palliative care provides the right care, in a home-like setting, for one-third to one-half the cost of care in a hospital setting, at an average daily saving of $630 to the provincial health care budget. This past year the Auditor General’s report observed of residential hospice care that “quality, low cost care is being provided, but more is needed.” The Bridge Hospice is helping to meet that need and, as a member of Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, benefits from HPCO’s ongoing positive relationship with the provincial government, and its emphasis on setting standards for the provision of quality care.


JUNE 11, 2015

WARKWORTH – At its annual general meeting on June 11, The Bridge Hospice board of directors, membership, staff and volunteers gathered to commemorate recent accomplishments and look ahead to an exciting new community partnership – the latest development in the hospice’s innovative care model.

The hospice ended the fiscal year in a stable financial position, being mortgage- and debt-free. Funds were raised through special events as well as individual, community and organizational donations. As a charitable operation not funded by government, the hospice continues to rely on the financial support of the Northumberland community and beyond.

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