The Bridge Hospice Foundation FAQs

Why do we need a Foundation?

The Bridge Hospice Foundation is a natural step forward in the growth and evolution of the hospice.  Care costs are only partially covered by our Ontario health system. Every year we need to raise significant additional dollars through local fundraising efforts to keep the doors of the hospice open and services available at no cost to the residents and families.

The Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for the Hospice – the overarching goal being excellence and sustainability of hospice services in Northumberland County and beyond.  This year the Foundation is anticipating the need to raise approximately $500,000 to cover the costs of running the Hospice, and to help to build sustainability and to strengthen the financial future of the Hospice.

The efforts of the Foundation will allow the Hospice to devote 100% of its attention to fulfilling the needs of individuals coming to the Hospice for their final journey and the families that they support every step of the way.

What will the Foundation be doing?

Working closely with the Hospice, the Foundation will undertake the essential fundraising using current and new volunteers and community members.  Funds will be managed professionally to generate growth and long-term sustainability of the Hospice. A full range of modern fundraising techniques will be used to enhance support for volunteers.

I’d like to make a donation – who should I direct it to?

We encourage people to direct their donations to the Foundation, which will in turn channel back dollars to support the operational needs of the Hospice – just as hospital foundations raise money for hospitals.

What if I’ve already named The Bridge Hospice in my will?

This is wonderful – thank you! There is no need to make any changes, as all money donated ultimately goes towards the care and support of our residents and families.

Where will the Foundation be located?

Operating with minimal overhead, it will be located in the lower level of the Hospice and be overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors – several of whom are on The Bridge Hospice Board of Directors. Their shared insight will guide the mission of the Foundation and ensure continuity and transparency in all that is undertaken.

Who provides oversight of the Foundation?

Craig Kerr (former secretary of TBH Board) is the chair, Gerry Hutcheon (former Treasurer of TBH Board) is the Treasurer, Kim Stephens-Woods (Chair of TBH Board), Jordy Sharpe (Treasurer of TBH Board) and Dave Burnham (past Chair of TBH Board) are Directors, while Kerri-Anne Kidd (Executive Director of TBH) is an Ex-Officio Director and Dave MacDougall (Vice Chair of TBH Board) serves as Chair of the Foundation’s Fund Development Committee.

What happens next?

The Foundation is in the process of hiring a professional Fundraising Executive Director. A team made up of members of the Foundation Board and Hospice Board are working diligently on the operational aspects of this new arrangement. There are several events already announced in the year ahead. We look forward to these events with our many volunteers who are a major part of any fundraising that we do. A formal kickoff for the Foundation will happen later this year.

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137 Old Hastings Rd, Box 354
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