The Bridge Hospice was founded by volunteers who remain the backbone of this charitable organization. Our strong team supports the hospice in many ways. There are opportunities for adults and youth to join our team.

Why volunteer?

Learn & grow

Take advantage of our no-cost training, ongoing learning and wellness activities. Whether it’s hands-on skills, local speakers, or help with on-line tools – you’ll find it all useful beyond hospice walls.

I now have a purpose in life that I didn’t know I needed.
– Moira, Resident Care Volunteer

Apply your skills

Put your years of professional and life experience and skills to very good use – whether for a short-term project or longer commitment. We’re flexible! In a small and innovative organization like ours, your contributions can really have an impact.

I began helping on the financial front, then became a board member and treasurer with a strong desire to help ensure the sustainability of the hospice.
– Gerry, Board of Directors

Enhance your career prospects

Gain experience that looks great on your resume – whatever your role.

Expand your social network

Meet wonderful people and community groups from all walks of life. Enrich your life with new connections in a friendly and supportive team setting.

As a newcomer, helping organize events really fast-tracked me into this amazing community.
– Alison, Special Events Volunteer

Reinvent yourself

Challenge yourself with something completely different – you may find a new life passion!

Beginning as a resident care volunteer which was so rewarding, it was a natural extension to want to contribute to the stewardship of The Bridge Hospice through board involvement.
– Jill, Board of Directors

After I retired, I knew I had more to give. Coming here has been incredible – to meet and work with so many compassionate people is inspiring. It’s like I have a whole new family. At the same time I have the personal rewards that giving brings.
– Jackie, Resident Care Volunteer

Become knowledgeable about end-of-life

Hospice experiences highlight the importance of a “good death” for the dying person and their loved ones. Learn about local healthcare services, resources, and options for end of life, and share it. Knowledge is power.

It’s important for me to know that there is care and comfort for residents in their final journey, just as there was when they entered this world.
– C. Jill, Resident Care Volunteer

Start the conversation

Fear and anxiety often stop us from talking about dying. At the hospice, helping to fulfill our residents’ final wishes is profoundly rewarding, and reveals the importance of starting our own conversations about what each of us wants in our final days.

Current Opportunities

  • Resident Care
  • Special Events
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Special Projects
  • Outreach
  • Creative Services
  • Office Support
  • Gardening
  • Property Maintenance

Download a Volunteer Application Form

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The Volunteer Application Form
in PDF Format

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The Volunteer Application Form
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Characteristics of a Volunteer

Our volunteers are individuals from all walks of life who share their diverse skills.


  • Give unselfishly of their time
  • Are compassionate, caring about others
  • Share their talents to make a difference
  • Have a willingness to learn and tackle new skills
  • Respect others
  • Maintain high ethical standards

Volunteer Education

At TBH we advocate for lifelong learning and continually offer a variety of education sessions.

Bridge Volunteers will participate in interactive education sessions designed to develop the knowledge required to serve in our hospice palliative care environment.

Application Process

For more information about volunteering, please contact The Bridge Hospice by calling 705-924-9222 or emailing info@thebridgehospice.com.