About Us


This video was funded by a grant from the Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation. Thank you!

The Bridge Hospice, the first residential hospice in Northumberland County, is a registered charity¬†created by people who believe that individuals at the end of life’s journey should have a choice about where to spend their final days.

While most people who have a life limiting illness may want to remain in their home, the last few weeks of life can be extremely difficult for everyone. A residential hospice is designed to meet the needs of both the resident and family during that time. It is a place where professionals and volunteers are committed to providing compassionate end-of-life care. Care in the hospice is free of charge and provides support for the family as well as the resident.


The Bridge Hospice is about living the end of your life with the same advantages as being at home, supported every moment by a team of physicians, nurses, personal caregivers and volunteers.